Z: The End

Z: The End is a survival game set in a world infested with zombies with the perspective of a top-down shooter. Explore a world destroyed by disease, scavenge for supplies and weapons and survive as long as you can against the zombies and nature.


It’s a cruel world.

  • Make sure to stay hydrated and fed.
  • Use medical supplies to heal up.
  • Stay safe throughout the night.


The only other option is death.

  • Unload your guns into hordes of zombies.
  • Try to keep a low profile by using silenced weapons and melee.
  • Or try to run away.


The bigger the better.

  • Find civilian grade weapons in towns.
  • Get military grade weapons from military outposts.
  • Find supplies to survive.
  • Find and harvest materials to rebuild.


Find what civilization has left behind.

  • Roam the world that was destroyed by disease.
  • Find the best places to gather supplies.
  • Visit the places of the old world.