Devblog 21

Improved AI and fixes!

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it!


Rather small update this time around most of it being focused on the AI.  I was hoping on implementing a proper pathfinding system but it didn’t work out. It is rather finicky. Here’s hoping ClickTeam Fusion 3 has built-in pathfinding.


As the main focus of this update, the AI has improved quite a bit. It worked okay when it wasn’t following the player as it wouldn’t get confused on which direction it should go after a collision. Previously when colliding with something while following a player it would turn away then instantly turn back. Now it waits a second before facing the player again. The also has an easier time entering buildings now with their adjusted size as well the paths added to all of the doorways. There are now invisible paths for the AI that lock them to an X coordinate and help them enter buildings.



The texture for the zombies has been shortened quite a bit so it’s more proportional to help with collisions.


Zombie Spawning:

Currently, zombies spawn from their original spawn points and from right off the screen. It worked pretty well but sometimes zombies would spawn inside other objects. The reason for this seems to be that the spawner was too small which could cause it to think it wasn’t colliding with anything when it was, after increasing the size I have yet to see this happen.

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