Devblog 28

New zombies, harvesting improvements, ambient sounds, candy, and more!


This month has been quite a mess. Bringing the website back online was a lot more challenging than I had originally thought it would be.  Had to find a new host as the other one was trash and transfer all the files.


New zombies:

Two new zombie models this month. There is now a zombie with a pumpkin on its head and a construction worker zombie. I might have the pumpkin zombie be seasonal so it would be an activated around October every year.

Pumpkin Head Zombie
Construction Worker Zombie


Harvesting Improvements:

Harvesting resources was pretty messy, it worked but could be abused by spam clicking. Previously it was mostly based on clicks so spamming would get it done faster. Now it is based on the swinging animation.


Ambient Sounds:

A basic ambient sound system is now in the game. Every once in a while some audio clips will play. Currently, there are only three clips but more will be added down the line.



Can’t have Halloween without some candy. Candy will now spawn in tier 1 food spots.


Zombie Changes:

The zombies have received some tweaks this update. The zombie’s memory has been increased to 20 seconds. So after 20 seconds of no visibility, the will stop following you. There are now hot zones in certain areas, currently the military base and the hospital. Inside this zone, zombies spawn much more frequently. This will make looting in these areas more challenging.


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