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Z is a survival game with a top-down shooter perspective. So far I’ve gotten quite a bit done such some models, player movement, weapons, health, ammo, and the zombie movement/AI. Currently, the player model has a built-in gun, just to make it easy for the time being but later it probably won’t because you will spawn with little to nothing.  But there’s still a lot that needs to be done such as adding new areas, weapons, loot, food/water, hunger/thirst meter, regenerating health and an inventory.  But before I get started on those I want to polish other things such as the player movement because at the moment I hate it.


There is also a lot of stuff that would be cool to add but probably won’t get added. I may try to add them but it’s definitely not set in stone. Stuff like base building, vehicles, crafting, and different zombie types.  I don’t think base building would really be worth it as it would be pretty limited but I could add the ability to fortify the houses you find. Vehicles would also be cool but the map probably won’t be big enough to even take advantage of them. Crafting would be cool but it probably would not get too far as you would only be able to craft basic things like bandages or whatever. Then there’s different zombie types, it could be interesting but I do not really like when games have them. They can do a really good job with them but it kind of ruins the realism to see a zombie the size of a tank. Zombies are somewhat believable, diseases can do crazy things. In theory, Rabies could make a “zombie”. But you don’t really see diseases making people into tanks.

Anyway, those are my plans on what this game is hopefully going to be if you are interested make sure to follow because I might be releasing a demo sometime soon.

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