Devblog 2

Put in quite a bit of time and ended up with a lot of new features. 

I’ve added 3 new weapons. The first of them being your fists which will likely be the only “weapon” you start with down the line. Then I added a shotgun and an AK. It took a while to get them working but it was worth it since I made them further proof too so they won’t have problems with newly added weapons. Currently, you spawn with all the weapons but later you will not. To access the other weapons currently, you hit numbers 1-4. 1 being fists, 2 being the pistol, 3 the shotgun, and 4 the AK. As for getting more ammo for the weapons, you can’t currently do that but its also not really needed at the time being.


I’ve also cleaned up & modernized the HUD. Adding a health bar, hunger bar, thirst bar and numbers for them too. I changed the health icon to fit the HUD more but have yet to make them for the thirst and hunger. The hunger and thirst bars don’t currently serve and purpose but they will later down the line. The only problem is it may be a little big but that a pretty easy fix if its needed.
More like a building but you may notice some change. The building has a roof and so will all other buildings. But how can you see inside you say? When the player gets close to the building the roof becomes invisible so you can see inside. I’ve tried to make the roofs look pretty good so it doesn’t look like a flat surface and I think I did pretty good on that but it’s not perfect.

I’ve also been working on assets for the game. I need to make grass but I haven’t found a good way to do that yet. But I have made the different roofs for each side and the center, the sidewalk, a desk, and a note. The notes will probably be found throughout the game and have some survivor stories on it or something.


There are a few bugs at the moment. such as the roofs loading/unloading in weirdly, the shotgun doesn’t properly shoot multiple bullets at all times, shooting long distances can be rather inaccurate, and shooting can leave residual bullets which just sit there. If you find any others make sure to report them to me.

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