Devblog 12

Inventory, loot spawning/respawning, improved shooting/bullets, improved AI, and more!

Probably the most challenging part of this update was the inventory. This is the 3rd version of the inventory I’ve gone through. The first being a custom-made generic grid-based inventory, the main problem with that one is it didn’t work and wasn’t what I wanted. Version 2 was based on a plugin, it was still grid-based but it didn’t work at all. Then came version 3, I ditched the idea on a grid-based inventory and made a more unique list based inventory. The inventory has 4 tabs, weapons, health, food, and ammo.  This version of the inventory is more of a working prototype. Not perfect and needs a lot of polish, but most of the core stuff is working such as the ability to use the medical supplies, food, and drinks you have.


Loot Spawning:
Loot spawning and respawning is finally here! I haven’t talked about this since Devblog 4. Back then I had a very simple system but it didn’t work great and it was super clunky so I just started from scratch. I made 5 different loot spawners, food, drink, medical supplies,  weapons, and ammo. All of the houses have a few of these in them. Loot is spawned when a new save is created and every 3 minutes. If the loot from a spawner isn’t collected it won’t respawn/spawn any more until it’s been collected.

Shooting & Bullets:
The shooting and bullets systems have been revamped completely. All of the guns shoot different bullet models and each does different damage. With this system being changed I also gave the zombies health. With the AK the zombies are 1-2 shots, with the pistol it’s up to 5, and the shotgun takes ~2.

Improved Zombies/AI:
As stated above the zombies now have health. Zombies should be a bit less spastic this update not turning nearly as much. They still spaz out if they are chasing and run into something. Zombie corpses will now fall in a random direction when they are killed.

World Changes:
I’ve changed the color of the roads to more of a gray as before walking on the road with a gun out made the gun practically invisible. I also added some trees to make the land look less barren.

I’ve made a wiki for the game. Its still in the works but it has all of the basics.

Bugs & Fixes:

  • Fixed shotgun bug
  • Partly fixed spastic zombies
  • Fixed road textures

The update should be live soon so go check it out!

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