Devblog 11

Footstep sounds, more houses, minor weapon nerfs and more.

Footstep Sounds:
The player now makes different footstep sounds depending on what they are standing on. The current sounds for the footsteps are not amazing but they will work for now. Currently, there are grass, wood, and stone footstep noises. More will be added when needed.
Minor Weapon Nerf:
The pistol and the shotgun have received a minor nerf this update. The shotgun now only holds 8 bullets and the pistol now only holds 10.


I plan on adding new bullets for the next version. The shotgun, pistol, and AK will each shoot a different bullet and the bullets will do different damage. Pistol and shotgun will probably take 2+ bullets to kill a zombie while the AK will probably a max of 2 bullets to kill a zombie.

As of this update, the game world has about 1200 objects in it. In 0.1.0 the game had about 500. This happened because I had to remake the sidewalk and road tiles as new objects. The old versions were very basic pictures and couldn’t be interacted with. The new versions can be interacted with and count as an object. I’m pretty sure the old versions didn’t count as an object.

Changed how the floor tiles in the houses worked. Instead of being 100~ tiles its now one big tile.

Engine Cleanup:
Doesn’t really affect anyone except me but I did a good amount of cleanup in the engine. I’ve sorted out the items and it makes it a lot easier to find what I’m looking for. For example, before this items names were just AK, Mud, Blood, WoodLF1B. Now they are Item_AK, Decal_mud, Decal_Blood, and Tile_WoodLF1B.

Dev Menu:
I’ve added a dev menu to the game which is pretty much like a cheat menu, it’s not going to make it into this update but might be in the next. Currently, with it, you can make yourself invincible, get unlimited ammo, get all the weapons, and run super fast.

Bugs & Fixes:
– Shotgun bug
– Fixed the hud, pause menu, and crosshair they will no longer get overlapped by other objects(Crosshair will overlap the hud and pause menu)
– Fixed melee kill area, it was partly inside the player
– Spastic zombies (due to the current ai system in place)
– Fixed collision with zombies making stone footstep sound

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