Devblog 10

A new weapon, animation changes, bug fixes, and more!

There is now an axe in-game which can be found in the store to the south. The axe is a one hit kill to zombies.
I changed how some of the animations worked and added some new ones. What’s the point of melee weapons if they have no animations. Now the character model has no feet as the feet are stored in a separate model so that a walking animation and another animation can be played at the same time. Along with the animations changes, I also added a punching animation.


I’ve changed some of the assets in the game and improved some others. I changed the color and texture of the bush. I remade the rotten garden texture, slightly changed the roof texture at the store, and added anti-aliasing to pretty much everything.

I fixed the font in the game previously it wasn’t using the correct one.

Bugs & Fixes:
– Reload sound no longer plays if you have no ammo left
– Fixed font
– Fixed hud problems with the new melee weapon
– The shotgun bug is still in(slightly better)

The update should be live soon, go check it out!

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