Devblog 9

More buildings, New buildings, new items & more!

Long time no see! Its been about a month since the last update, I’ve been somewhat busy and have been doing other things.Saves:
I figured I’d address the problems with the current save system now. The main problem is that old saves don’t work when the game is updated no matter the size of the update. The reason I use this way of saving is that its the easiest and to my knowledge the most secure it doesn’t really allow tampering within the save file.

The world has received some changes. First off I added some new houses and a completely new building. The houses have gone under a bit of a remodeling, I added more furniture and a TV to the house as well as making actual rooms. After adding more to the houses I realized how small they and Ill probably be making them bigger in the future. Then there’s the new building which is pretty much a small store.

With this update, I’ve added a few new assets and cleaned up some others. I added a couch, TV stand, checkout area, and store shelves. I cleaned up the blood pool, mud pile, the stone brick(which has been unused until now), and the barren garden plot. The rotten garden plot still needs a redo.

I’ve added some food to the game but currently, it has no use it will be more important when the inventory gets added until then I might just add another way to eat it.


  • Shotgun bullet bug is still in.
  • Fixed unobtainable shotgun
  • Fixed collision issues
  • Fixed bug where reload sound would play multiple times at once
  • fixed bug where you could reload while shooting(AK)

Go check out the update!

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