Devblog 8

Minor Graphics Overhaul, a bigger world, fixes, and more!

Minor Graphics Overhaul:
The world has better textures. I added a grass texture, its not great and it has a few problems when it switches to the next tile. Roofs look a lot better. Most objects were touched up, they no longer have flat textures. I would say the textures are crisper.

Fixed a few problems with the configs. The FPS counter was unable to be turned off.

World Changes:
The world size has now doubled and fits better. The world used to be 5000×5000 and now it is 10240×10240. This might not even be big enough but we will see. Currently if filled to the max it could fit about ~624 houses, this is if they were all right next to each other.

Saves are now called save.zav
I’ve changed up the optimization a bit, bodies no longer vanish when they are visible.

The HUD has received a few additions. I’ve added a food and water icon.

Zombie Spawns:

The spawns are in the works but they still need some tweaking. I plan to add this at the same time as item/ammo spawns because you would run out of ammo and be unable to fight the zombies.


  • Shotgun bullet bug is still in.
  • Fixed no reload sound
  • Fixed roof size(was a few sizes too small)
  • Fixed collisions on the fallen chair

Go check out the update!

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