Devblog 7

API Change, Mindmap and more!

API Change:
We were using the standard API with Clickteam Fusion and it was causing some problems mainly lag related. I have since switched to the direct3d9 and all the problems seem to have been solved.
The game now has a config for saving settings, and in the future should allow custom controls but currently, its very basic just saving that the game is supposed to be in fullscreen and if the fps counter should be on.

I’ve added a delete button to the save/load menu so you don’t have to manually delete the saves. I plan on making it so you can have multiple saves but that for another time.

I’ve put some optimization things in, bodies now disappear after some time but it is not perfect.

The checklist didn’t really work out for me, so I’ve moved on to a mind map instead which has a lot more features and is a lot better at showing everything.


  • Shotgun bullet bug is still in.
  • Fixed pistol reload bug

Go check out the update!

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