Devblog 6

Reloading and more!

I ended up taking about three weeks off from working on the game, with the holidays going on I was rather busy. I needed some time to do stuff other than this only starting back up a few days ago.
Reloading is now in and can be done by pressing R. Each gun has a limit to how much can be in the clip/mag at one time. The AK being 30, shotgun 10, and pistol 15. If the ammo in the reserve is greater than zero you will be able to reload.

Pause Menu:
The pause menu is still being worked on and will need some more time before its finished.

Optimization is still being worked on but it has some issues so I won’t implement the changes until the problems have been fixed.

I’ve made a public checklist which can be viewed by anyone to see how progress is being made. I’ll check things off when they have been done and add more when needed. A system where I could say what % it’s finished would be better but this will have to do.

Shotgun bullet bug is still in.

Go check out the update!

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