Devblog 5

Saving, Health regeneration, starvation, and dehydration.

Saving, Health regeneration, starvation, and dehydration.
Saving is now in and works. Press F5 to save. On the load/new game screen selecting new will delete old saves. Saves from old versions aren’t compatible.Zombies:
I added a few more zombies and am working on making it so they will spawn/respawn by them self instead of manually being placed.

All items must be picked up manually. Press E to pick items up.

Road texture has changed slightly.

RIP grenades, they have been removed until I fix them.

Health now regenerates when food/water is above 50. You now lose health when food/water is equal to 0.

Loading a save from an old version doesn’t work fully(I don’t plan to support it at the time) and when its tried you only keep items. Bullet bug is still in.

Pause Menu:
A pause menu is being worked on and should be in by the next version.

Optimization is being worked on. Currently, everything is loaded no matter what. When this is finished stuff will only be loaded when its in view or about to be in view. Zombie bodies will also be removed after time when this is finished.

Go check out the update!

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