Devblog 14

New AI, zombie spawning, and more!

New AI:
The new AI is 99% better performance wise. Previously it took about 2000μs(originally was 6000μs but that was improved in 0.1.3)  I have reduced it to about 20μs. It also works better than the old version in many ways such as the zombies having better collisions(still needs work but its better), they will follow you for 8 seconds even after being out of their range, and they can now look at the player properly as they can now look in 32 directions instead of 4. The only real problems now are they can’t get in buildings too good and the player can push them around.


Zombie Spawns:
I kinda scratched the idea I had for the zombie spawning in the last devblog and made on that’s better and easier.  If there are less than 50 zombies, every 15 seconds 8 will spawn in just outside of the player’s view. I will probably be changing that in the future though.

Melee Nerf:
Melee was a bit too op so I reduced the range and width of the attack zone(it now ends near the tip of the axe when swung) and made it so you cant spam attack with the axe. Still nowhere near perfect but its better.

The world has received some minor changes. The houses have been moved slightly further apart.

I’ve done quite a bit of optimization other than the ai but it probably won’t be noticeable. I disabled anti-aliasing for items that appear a lot(roads & sidewalks) and changed the settings for objects that don’t move so they use fewer resources.

Bugs & Fixes:
– Zombies can’t properly enter buildings
– Zombies can be pushed too easily
– Fixed spastic zombies
– Fixed random explosion noise

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