Devblog 15

Custom controls, new trees, a bigger world, and more!

Custom Controls:
You can now rebind the controls to your liking. The only thing you cant rebind at the moment is shooting key (LMB).


With the control rebinding added I had to add all of that to the config for it to be saved. I also put a system in place that will automatically reset the config when needed for example this update.

World Changes:
Previously the world was 10,240 x 10,240, now its 20,480 x 20,480. I’ve also added a ton of trees in 3 different sizes. Lastly, I changed the grass texture making it a bit darker and less blurry. In turn, this has also raised the size of the texture from 518kb to 1.75mb, luckily this hasn’t seemed to affect performance.

Minor changes to the zombie player collisions. The zombies can no longer be pushed around. This still needs some work though because the player can get stuck.

I’ve been working on some new world props such as some cars. They won’t be usable but it will add some more stuff to the world. New trees, I was trying to make a pine tree and it ended up not looking anything like one but it does look like a pretty good normal tree.

I added a credits video to the game which can be accessed from the main menu. I’ll probably have to change it in the future though.

Better Saving:
I’ve started some work on a better saving method which could make it in the next update. With the new saving, you wouldn’t have to restart every update unless I forced it to be incompatible for some reason such as massive changes to the world. With this system will come many problems though.


The update will be live soon so go check it out!

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