Devblog 16

Day & Night system, new saving,  water sources, new building, & more!

Day & Night System:
A basic day & night system has been implemented. Switching between day and night(and vice versa) is still a bit rough but the basics are they are it still looks pretty good. There are 24 minutes in a day. There are 10 minutes of daylight, 3 minutes of dusk, 9 minutes of night and 2 minutes of dawn. The times currently aren’t even but I do want night shorter than daytime.
Saving has been completely revamped and will now work between versions though it could break with major updates. The save files also seem to be smaller than they were in the old version granted my old save that’s at 800kb isn’t that big anyway.

Water Sources:
I have added a small little pond to the game just to get the basic water stuff ready. It slows down the player and zombies and makes a splashing noise when walked in. Currently, it’s a good way to escape zombies as they move pretty slow in the water. In the future, you may be able to fill bottles & or drink from water sources. I probably won’t make you have to boil the water.

World Changes:
First up for world changes is the new Diner. It’s about the size of two houses and has a lot of food inside. Next up is the sidewalks and roads, I took look around where I live and on google maps viewing towns and cities and realized that most sidewalks are right next to the road, not a few feet away with grass in between.

I decided to do some cleanup this update as well, for some of the weapons I was using a counter that I hid off screen to create the fire delay, I also had a something similar for the save game message that popped up. I replaced those with global values and timers,  which actually makes some of them work better than before. Some of the guns were also using the counter values on the hud instead of the global values when reloading so I fixed that too.

Bugs & Fixes:
– Fixed memory leak with zombie corpses
– Fixed spastic zombie corpses

The update should be live shortly so go check it out!

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