Devblog 24

Steam Early Access, building/crafting overhaul, new textures, buildables, and more!


The time has come, Z is now available on Steam. The road leading to this point was long and bumpy at times. But the road doesn’t end here.

I’d also like to say thank you to all of my friends, family members, and playtesters for supporting the development and helping test the game. The constructive criticism and bug reports have definitely helped better the game.


Building has been redone, instead of crafting a part then placing it down you craft/build at the same time. As well as that there is now a new building tier, stone.  Stone has two times more health than wood. So 200 for the wall and 300 for the floor and ceiling.



With the removal of building items from the crafting menu, it was blank so I added 3 craftable items. Bandages can be crafted with 2 cloth, axes can be crafted with 2 wood and 2 metal, and sledgehammers can be crafted with 2 wood and 3 metal.


The textures for player build wood builds have been redone to look a bit more natural and less manufactured. The floor in trailers has been changed to a dark red tile. The lake texture has been remade and is now animated.

Trailer Floor

Minor Changes and Fixes:

  • Fixed a random clicking sound
  • Added click sound to build/craft menu
  • Removed test keys
  • Loot no longer instantly spawns at the start
  • Changes to 12ga and 9mm textures
  • Darkened log texture

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