Devblog 23

Building, Crafting, Harvesting, and more!


It is now possible to build your own base and or reinforce other buildings. Currently, you can only build out of wood but other materials will be usable in the future. You can build spikes, walls, floors, roofs, and doors. To build you must open the build menu by pressing the build key which by default is B. Once in the menu you can build as long as you have the parts. All of the parts must be crafted. If you have the parts they will be place-able and the button will be blue. Once you hit the button you will be able to build until you run out or you cancel it by Right Clicking.


Crafting is now possible by accessing the crafting menu, the default key is C. Crafting is pretty much the same as building but instead of placing anything it just adds it to your inventory. Currently you can only craft buildings parts, other craft-able items will be added in the future.


So how are you supposed to get all these materials to craft and build? Some materials do spawn as loot in places but the best way is to go and harvest it yourself. You can now find logs and large rocks that can be harvested for 10-30 wood or stone.  These resources spawn in the woods so if you can see trees you should be able to find some. To gather these resources you must use tools. Use the axe on the wood and the new sledgehammer on the stone.


With building comes destruction. Misplace something? If its wood, tear it down with the axe. If stone, use the sledgehammer. As well as you being able to break stuff down so can zombies, but don’t worry too much because currently, they can only break down doors.

Build Saving:

For saving your buildings I had to implement a different method of saving. This was probably the hardest part of this update and this method might not even stay.  I actually had to completely remake the saving today as the old method was too buggy. Previously saving and reloading a few times caused some items to vanish. With other items, it would place a bunch in the same spot. Other than ruining your building is also cause performance problems as it could spawn thousands of items in one spot. The new method is better items disappear and stack far less but it can still be a problem.  Due to these problems, this will likely be a temporary method that will be replaced in the future.

New Building:

A few small sheds have been placed throughout the world. Currently, they have resources like wood, stone, metal, and concrete. Stone, metal, and concrete do not have a use as of yet.

Minor Changes:

  •  The ammo tab in the inventory is now for ammo and resources.
  • The HUD has been made smaller so it doesn’t take up as much precious screen space.
  • Removed unused code.
  • Fixed minor bugs with the player model where it could be invisible.
  • Removed credits for now.
  • Slight improvements to zombie attacks

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