Devblog 25

Game data log, a new weapon, menu changes, new hotbar, and more.

Game Log:

Z can now log game and some PC data to a file. If enabled it will do this every 10 seconds. Currently, it logs active processes, some PC specs, and some game data. All of this is stored wherever the game is installed. This is intended to help diagnose players issues with the game. The log can be sent via the contact page on the site or by sending an email to [email protected]. This feature is disabled by default.

Wooden Bow:

You can now craft a bow and arrows in the crafting menu. Like melee and silenced weapons, it does not attract zombies when used. The bow is crafted with 3 wood and 3 cloth. Arrows are 3 wood and 3 stone and you get 5. Arrows can be retrieved after being shot at zombies but they do have a chance to break.


Zombie detection has received some minor changes, you now need to be a bit closer for them to detect you. They have also been made slightly faster so when you are detected you’re in a bit more trouble.


The hotbar has received a facelift, it now displays the gun as well as the name. If you liked the older one you can switch back to it in the settings if you’d like.


The settings menu buttons have been changed to more like other games where you click arrows to change settings instead of the previous “toggle” system. Most settings also display some information when moused over to give an idea as to what they do. There is now also a Game settings page for game related options like the Hotbar, Tips, and Game log.

Minor Changes:

  • Character hair textured
  • Changed fonts for each section on How to play screen
  • Changed wording on the death screen
  • Ridgeline Logo changed
  • Fixed some settings getting reset
  • Stopped game from loading from config twice




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