Devblog 26

New textures, food replacements, damage changes, and more!


Lots of textures have been remade or improved.

  • The trailer and diner roofs have been adjusted to look more metallic.
  • AC units have been added to the roof of the store.
  • New sidewalk texture.
  • New grass texture.
  • ¬†Improved log texture. Make it darker and added moss.
  • New Papso and Cloud Beer box texture.
  • Trailer floor has been changed to brown.
  • Slight changes to oven texture.
  • New metal and stone bag textures.
  • Changed sand barrier textures.
  • Zombie Cop texture.
  • Fixed 1911 Pistol hotbar texture.
  • Other minor texture changes and improvements.
Diner Roof.
Zombie Cops, Grass, and Sidewalks.
Trailer roof.

Food/Medical Changes:

The orange has been replaced with canned peaches, and the banana has been replaced with canned soup. The food and water values for these and other foods have been adjusted as well. A blood bag has also been added which increases health by 20 when used, but it does not stop bleeding.


Zombie spawns have been adjusted so they should spawn a bit more often. Zombies will also despawn if out of the player’s site too long which should increase the action a bit. The default health of zombies has also been increased to 50.


The damage weapons do is no longer based on RNG, it is now just a static number. For example, the AK used to do 35-40 damage, it now does 40. The damage of weapons has also been increased a bit to balance the new zombie health.

World Changes:

A construction site has been added down the road from the trailer park.  Resources and low tier weapons and tools spawn here.

Minor Fixes and Changes:

  • Fixed inventory sounds playing when invisible
  • Adjusted some spawn locations
  • Decreased number of zombies initially on the map


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