Devblog 31

New guns, harvestable trees, new buildings, music, and more!

New Guns:

Three new guns have been added to the game with this update. The new weapons are the Deagle, MP5 and Hunting Rifle. The hunting rifle spawns in Tier 1 areas, so it spawns pretty much anywhere. It uses 5.56 which will now rarely spawn in Tier 1 areas. The MP5 and Deagle spawn only in Tier 2 areas like the military outpost and police station. The MP5 uses 9mm and the Deagle uses .375 rounds.


All trees are now harvestable and will respawn after five minutes. The size that trees spawn at is random so if a small one is cut down a large one could spawn in its place later and vice versa. This actually turned out to be easier than had I expected. I expected this to have a decent impact on performance but fortunately, it did not.

New Buildings:

Some much larger houses have been added to the world and with that some new props, a large bed, a sink, and a toilet. These larger houses also have bathrooms. Just don’t ask where the people who lived in the small houses had to go.


One part of the soundtrack has been completed and it is really good. All thanks to Rohan Hopewell. Currently, the track will only play in the menus until more tracks are completed. This may change before new tracks are made but I don’t really want just one track constantly repeating. Along with this, I’ve also added a volume bar in the settings specifically for music and removed the useless music buttons.

Fixes & changes:

  • Disabled Santa zombie
  • Minor HUD changes
  • Fixed bullets not breaking doors
  • Save file fixes

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