Devblog 30

Night Vision, locked doors, melee changes, and more!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays:

Christmas day is tomorrow and 2018 is coming to an end. Its been a good year with a lot of progress. New weapons, new buildings, a crafting and building system, and coming to Steam. A lot of the framework is in place but there’s still more to come as well as improvements to what’s currently in place. We’re getting closer to the end of the road.

Night Vision:

Night vision goggles have been added to the game. They spawn in Tier 2 areas like the Military base and police station. Once you find a pair all you need to do is hit “N” or whatever key you have it bound to. Don’t use them during the day unless you enjoy being blind.

Locked Doors:

Doors throughout the world now have a chance to be locked. They must be broken down with a melee weapon or by shooting them. Most doors have a 20% chance of being locked. Some doors in Tier 2 areas have a 50% chance being locked.

Festive Items:

It’s the holiday season and Santa is in town, but he doesn’t want cookies and milk, he wants to eat you. The pumpkin head zombie has been replaced with a Santa zombie. Candy has been replaced with candy canes.

Melee Changes:

Melee combat has received some minor changes and now has audio feedback when a hit connects by playing a hitmarker sound.

Zombie Audio:

The zombies now make noise. They make noise when they get close or detect you as well as when they attack. The noise doesn’t play every time they detect you or attack you, this is intentional.

Winter Sale:

The game will be on sale for the entirety of the Winter sale.

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