Devblog 40

Steam Sale, illness, new sounds, and more!

Steam Sale:

Happy Halloween everyone, Z: The End is 20% off for the duration of the sale.


An illness system has been added to the game. At the moment there is only one illness and its just a cold. There is a chance to get sick when you get attacked by a zombie. It can be cured by taking pills. If left uncured it may eventually kill you as it drains health, hunger, and thirst. Down the line, more illnesses will be added as well as ways to get them and cure them.



There are now sounds for bandaging and consuming the pills. There have also been some minor changes to the sound system to prevent sounds from playing when they shouldn’t.



Jars of pickles have been added to the game and the generic can of food has been replaced with “BLAM”.  Both of these items can be found anywhere from houses to the store.





Fixes & Changes:

– Fixed items not getting saved
– Fixed inventory being useable when it shouldn’t
– Changed handling of crossbow bolts
– Changed likelihood of attacks causing the player to bleed
– Change wooden spike texture

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