Devblog 39

Crossbow, new neighborhood, pausing, bug fixes, and more!


Bit of a late update this month, mostly due to all the extra stuff I had or decided to do this month. The old domain is no more, well in a sense. Now it is only used to redirect to the new domain.  From here on out Z: The End and all future projects will be under the main domain


A crossbow has been added to the game. Like the bow and silenced weapons, it doesn’t attract zombies when shot. It also uses the same arrows as the bow is also very powerful with a 50% chance to kill a zombie with one shot. But unlike the bow, it is uncraftable and must be found.


Another small neighborhood has been added to the world. It’s located just down the road from the bar. It’s a good place to get some basic supplies before heading to the laboratory.

Pause Menu:

Previously the “pause” menu didn’t pause the game. Now it actually pauses the game so if you have to take a break you don’t have to save and exit to the menu.

Fixes & Changes:

  • Fixed a player model related issue with the bow
  • Fixed an issue with the zombie kill counter
  • Fixed keybinding reset button not working properly
  • Fixed arrows not colliding with doors
  • Fixed issue where zombie models weren’t being used
  • Enabled the pumpkin head zombie

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