Devblog 38

Zombie cloak, new building, new achievements and more!

Zombie Cloak:

The zombie cloak is a new craftable item that allows you to blend in and get significantly closer to zombies without getting detected. It’s crafted with 3 cloth and 2 guts. Guts are obtained from harvesting zombie corpses with a machete or axe. The cloak only lasts for 30 seconds so make sure to use it at the right time.


A bar has been added to the world. Just another place to find supplies to keep you alive.


I’ve been slowly adding achievements to the game and with this update, I’ve introduced two more. The new achievements are “Chivalry is Undead” which is obtained by finding a sword and “You’ve Got Guts!” which requires you to harvest the guts from a corpse. In the end, I’d like to have around 50 achievements in total.

Fixes & Changes:

– Fixed the center point on various zombie models
– Fixed door positioning
– Fixed menu button issues
– Adjusted saturation of the pink zombie
– Adjusted zombie-player detection
– Adjusted various item spawn rates
– Added small tables and bar stools
– Added purple flowers
– Removed concrete

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