Devblog 37

Machete, texture improvements, player detection improvements, and more!


This update is a bit smaller (and later) than usual, July ended up being a much busier month than I had expected.


A Machete has been added, it is similar to the sword but more oriented towards harvesting rather than killing.

Player Detection:

Player detection has received some changes this update. The radius at which zombies can detect the player has been adjusted. The default radius has been decreased in size which has increased the usefulness of weapons that don’t attract zombies. But the radius for weapons that do attract zombies has been increased. This should make stealth a bit easier while also making going in guns blazing a bit harder.

W.I.P Section:
Stuff that’s being worked on but not ready yet.

Zombie Camouflage:
A new craftable which will allow you to get passed a bunch of zombies without being detected. Bumping into zombies may make them detect you. Shooting guns will ruin the disguise.

The AI system for animals is nearing completion. The only things that really needs to be made are the spawning and the textures. Animals will provide food when killed and may distract zombies.

Fixes & Changes:
– Changed blood pool texture
– Fixed sound issue with some weapons

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