Devblog 36

Achievements, remade building saving, dynamic ambience, and more!

1 Year Mark:

We have passed the one year mark since Z: The End was released into Steam Early Access. I’m very happy with the progress that has been made, and I’m also very thankful for all the feedback and support.


Achievements have been added! Currently, there are only 4 but more will be added down the line. This was mainly to get familiar with adding them.

Building Saving:

Building saving has been completely remade and now works significantly better. The old system “worked” most of the time but it had its issues. The big issues being that sometimes it just wouldn’t save everything and sometimes it would create doubles or triples of an object. Making the new system also turned out to be easier than I had expected due to already having a good understanding from the last time around.

Dynamic Ambience:

A dynamic ambiance system has been added. This system is used for constant ambient sounds like wind and birds during the day and crickets and other creatures during the night. This is just a first pass on this system so there isn’t much variance in the ambient sounds but it still gives the game a new feel. The volume of these ambient sounds is also adjusted depending on your locations. If you are outside it will sound normal and if you are inside it will be quieter.

Fixes & Changes:
– Fixed transparency bug with player built roofs
– Fixed footsteps not playing in player buildings
– Fixed bug with zombie kill counter
– Fixed bug with discord integration
– Improved zombie spawn detection

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