Devblog 35

Armor, increased world size, world changes, and more!


Bit of a smaller update this time around, May has been a really busy month full of lots of very fun tests and exams. Also happy Memorial day.


Kevlar armor has been added to the game. It spawns in Tier 2 areas, like the night vision goggles. Once found the armor can then be equipped by selecting it in the inventory. Armor reduces the amount of damage you take from zombies.

Increased World Size:

The size of the world has been increased by about 50%. It is now 30720×30720 pixels. This will likely be the final size of the map, or very close at the least. It’s not exactly massive compared to the maps in other games but I believe it should be big enough.

World Changes:

Due to the increased world size, the roads had to be expanded, the amount of trees in residential areas has been reduced, and the underground lab was moved to the far end of the map.

Saving Changes:

Saving has received a lot of internal changes, its now much cleaner, and some bugs have been fixed. Due to all of these changes save from old versions will not work.

Building Saving 2.0:

The current system for saving player buildings works, but isn’t without issues. I’ve made improvements to it but it needs to be completely remade. I hope to have this done by the next update.

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