Devblog 34

Improved HUD, texture improvements, DirectX 11 support, Broadsword, and more!

Texture Improvements/Changes:

The first aid kit has been changed to red with white lettering, Z Juice now looks like an energy drink, bricks have been completely remade, and the build-able stone floor and roof have been de-saturated to look more likes stone

Improved HUD:

The HUD has been remodeled a bit and is now much smaller, thus taking up less precious screen space. The reserve ammo number will now always display 3 digits to avoid spacing and alignment issues.

DirectX 11:

As of a recent update, Clickteam Fusion now supports DirectX 11. This performs significantly better than the DirectX9 mode so unless your PC somehow doesn’t support DirectX 11 I would recommend using it. The only caveat at the moment is the anti-aliasing looks a bit different on some text and the water shader isn’t currently compatible so the water will be static.


A sword has been added to the game, just for more options when it comes to melee. But unlike the hammer and axe, it is unable to harvest resources.


With the new support for Dx11 comes optimizations. Overall the Dx11 runtime performs around 60% better than Dx9. The latest engine update also included some extra optimizations but it was only about a 3% improvement from what I noticed.


Minor improvements to the zombie ai and slightly increased their memory so they will try to follow you a bit longer.

Underground Lab:

The entrance area of the underground lab has received a bit of a facelift. There is now some pipes near the wall and a checkpoint area with metal detectors.

*Picture taken with the darkness disabled

Fixes & Changes:
– Internal Cleanup
– Minor saving changes
– Fixed config generation
– Fixed large doors
– Added pickup sound for all items

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