Devblog 33

Underground lab, new cross-hair, refillable water bottle, updated player model, and more!

Underground Lab:

An underground lab has been added to the world. It has a storage room, armory, a small barracks, and the testing area. Its pretty dark in there so you might want some night vision goggles before entering.

Player Model:

The player model has received a bit of a facelift. The shirt is now a darker and dull blue instead of the previous vibrant light blue. The melee animations have also been edited and cleaned up. The models displayed when weapons are held have also been cleaned up and made a bit more natural.

Refillable bottle:

Drinking water or Z Juice now gives you an empty bottle that can be refilled at any water source. Just stand in some water, open the inventory and click on the bottle.

Zombie Model:

A new soldier zombie model has been added to fit alongside the newly added labs and the areas that are already in such as the military camp.


Two new crosshairs have been added, these can be selected from in the settings. This has no effect on gameplay, just gives some options.


DirectX9 is required to play the game but, this will now be installed upon launching the game for the first time and when verifying the games field. This should address the extremely rare case of not being able to see anything when the game was launched.

Fixes & Changes:

– Zombie spawning fixes
– Minor optimizations
– Fixed sound bug with menu music
– Fixed collisions with some doors
– Changed config generation methods

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