Devblog 42

New trees, flashlight, water improvements and more!

Steam Sale:

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. Z: The End is 20% off for the duration of the Steam Winter Sale.

New Trees:

There are now two different types of trees. There are now oak trees and pine trees. The only difference between the trees is the texture, so give the same amount of resources.


A flashlight has been added to the game. Flashlights have a fairly high spawn chance so finding one shouldn’t be an issue. Now you can get a better look at whatever is chasing you in the dark.


The shader that was used for water has been changed. The previous shader was only compatible with DirectX 9 while the new one works with Direct X 11 and 9.

Fixes & Changes:
– Fixed issue where key binds were not being saved
– Fixed minor issues with the launcher
– Changed trailer floor color
– Changed trailer wall texture
– Converted more buildings into single assets
– Minor texture changes

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