Devblog 43

Vitamins, tooltips, improved medical system and more!


Vitamins are a Tier 2 Medical spawn, meaning they will be uncommon. Once taken starvation will be reduced up to 40% for 2 minutes. There is a little green “health” bar on the HUD(behind the food icon) that will give an idea as to how long it lasts.


Now all items in the inventory have tooltips. The tooltips describe the item or give information about the item like how much health, hunger, or hydration is restored, or the type of ammo it uses.

Medical System:

There is now a new medical system in the game. It now shows what’s wrong on a body diagram and gives some information on how to treat it. This system is intended to be pretty simple, it’s just another way to show the player some information.

Roof Visibility:

Previously when you got close to a build the roof would become invisible. Now when you get close to a building the roof becomes transparent, but when you actually go inside the building it becomes invisible. The level of transparency isn’t set in stone so it may change in the future.


It is now possible for the player and zombies to go underneath trees. Not being able to go under them was mostly an oversight. When underneath a tree it will become transparent.

Fixes & Changes:

  • Fixed buildable items being unbreakable
  • Fixed build preview for the wooden spike
  • Improved player hitbox
  • Optimized achievement checking
  • Optimizations and improvements to the game log
  • The mouse cursor is now visible in menus and inventory
  • Zombie cloak now lasts 45 seconds

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