Devblog 44

Airport, the wall, map changes, optimizations & more!


A small airport has been added to the map. It has a small terminal building, a runway, and some military tents. After the outbreak, the airport was quickly taken over and shut down by the military.

The Terminal

The Wall:

There is now a wall that goes around the entirety of the map, so now when you run into the edge of the map you run into an actual wall instead of an invisible one.

The Wall

Map Changes:

There are now a bunch of abandoned cars around the map. These are just static objects and are not driveable. Currently, its just 3 color variants of the same vehicle but more will be added in the future.

Lab Update:

The layout of the laboratory has been updated. One of the rooms now has a prison cell and two quarantine cells. More will be added to the lab down the line.

The Lab


With this update comes some optimizations. The way roads and sidewalks were handled in the has been changed. Due to this change performance/memory usage has been improved by about 10%.

Fixes & Changes:
– Fixed FPS Min showing as 0
– Fixed roads sometimes overlapping zombies
– Fixed tree trunk sometimes overlapping trees
– Changed zombie cleanup to 70 seconds
– Added new zombie models

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