Devblog 46

Item highlighting, door rotating, new food, and more!

Item Highlighting:

When close to an item it will now be highlighted. This will make it easier to differentiate what is part of the world and what can be picked up. This feature can be toggled in the settings if you don’t wish to use it.

Door Rotating:

Buildable doors can now be rotated. When placing a door press R(default key) to rotate it.

New Food:

Two new food items have been added to the game. Canned Beans and Canned Bacon. Canned Beans are a tier 1 item and it restores 10 hunger when eaten. Canned Bacon is a tier 2 item and restores 20 hunger.

Fixes & Changes:
– Removed debug info from setting screen
– Improved player collision
– Fixed launcher versioning
– Fixed floors overlapping zombies
– Fixed player overlapping roofs
– Fixed sound dampening occurring when outside a building
– Fixed bug which could wipe saves
– Fixed bug which could corrupt saves
– Fixed bug which prevented saving
– Fixed bug where loading save could crash the game

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