Devblog 47

Zone naming, music, and more!


Bit of a smaller update this month as I have been trying to get used to balancing work, game development, and all of the other things I have to do. But everything is on track for the next update.

Zone Naming:

Now when exploring certain areas on the map the name of that area will be displayed on the bottom left of the screen. This will only appear while in specific areas and can be disabled completely in the settings.


There is now a system which handles playing music in the game. There are currently 3 tracks that will play every so often while playing the game.

Fixes & Changes:

  • Minor world positioning fixes
  • Minor increase to zombie movement speed
  • Added new achievement “It’s not just a boulder…”
  • Made corpses sink
  • Improved Papso can texture
  • Improved couch texture
  • Fixed blood appearing on the water
  • Removed unused data

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