Devblog 49

New buildings, particle effects, damage changes, & more!

Summer Sale:

The Steam Summer Sale is here! Z: The End is 20% off for the entirety of the sale.

Motel/Gas Station:

A motel has been added to the world. The motel has 6 rooms and a gas station.

Particle Effects:

There are now particle effects in the game. Actions like harvesting wood and stone or attacking zombies will now display particles.

Map Changes:

A large lake has been added to the map, and just like the small ponds scattered around the map you can collect water from it. In addition to this, there is no longer any map border markers as the map is getting closer to completion.

Menu Changes:

The settings menus have received some changes. Options that could only be toggled on or off now use a checkbox. I have also added an option to toggle the water shader.

Damage Changes:

Damage for most weapons has been decreased to make ammo more valuable and the zombies more dangerous.

Shotgun Pellet1210

Fixes & Changes:
– Fixed bug where the C button changed the time
– Fixed ambient track quality
– Changed the gas station walls to bricks
– Improved stone texture
– Added sound for collecting water
– Added sound for equipping armor
– Added sound for equipping the zombie gut cloak

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