Devblog 56

Part One of the Art Overhaul Update!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Since the last update, I’ve been slowly chipping away at the game and while progress has slowed, I think we are getting closer to the elusive 1.0.

Art Update Part 1:

The primary focus of this part has been updating or replacing the textures in the world. This includes the buildings, props, and environment.
Menus, UI, and HUD:

Alongside updating the world, the menus, UI, and HUD have also received a facelift.

Art Update Part 2:

The second part of the art update is the main reason it has been broken into two parts. This part is going to include a new player model, which is going to be a rather large undertaking. While progress has started, there is still a lot of work to do.


Survivor Notes:

With this update, it is now possible to find notes from notes left by other people scattered across the map. Each letter tells a story of what they were going through, what happened to them, or gives some info about the world.


Player Coordinates:

It is now possible to see exactly where you are in the world by bring up the coordinates overlay. This can be toggled in-game by pressing the F3 key.


The highlighting system has also been tweaked with this update. The color has been changed to yellow, and now doors are highlighted when you are close enough to use them.



This update also adds 11 new achievements, one is hidden which you will have to find yourselves.


Fixes & Changes:

  • Implemented fix for #7
  • Fixed ammo icon showing with machete
  • Fixed build previews showing old art
  • Fixed the game being paused when a save is loaded
  • Fixed the “breakability” of buildables not being reset when changing layers
  • Fixed the cursor escaping the screen(SteamDeck)
  • Fixed certain keys and options not saving or loading correctly

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