Devblog 55

Bug fixes, an office building, campfires, and more!


As mentioned in Devblog 53, I decided to stop the monthly updates and Devblogs in favor of less frequent and larger updates. After the last update, I took a break for a few months and have since been chipping away at this update.

Office Building:

An office building has been added to the lower part of the map. While it’s not a great place to find weapons, you can find some food and medical supplies here.


Campfires can now be built and placed like other building objects. It can act as a light source during the night and will slightly increase health regeneration when you stand nearby.

Zombie Fatigue:

A system for zombie fatigue has been implemented.  With this zombies will spawn with a random fatigue level, slowly increasing until they enter a sleep state. Currently, they will only sleep for around a minute and will wake up and chase you if you get close enough.

Inventory Changes:

The inventory has been cleaned up and improved a bit with this update. Inventory slots that don’t have a corresponding item are now hidden instead of showing “None:” and it is now a bit easier to navigate using the UI Left and UI Right keys.

Building Changes:

Due to a bug, the building system has had some changes and improvements. If you attempt to place something in an invalid area, the game will display an X instead of an inverted texture of the object. I have also implemented a system for selecting which types of objects you want to destroy to make it easier to break specific objects.

SteamDeck Support:

As I have since received my Deck, I was able to do some testing. I have also made some changes to improve controller use and have implemented official layouts. While Z: The End has not yet been reviewed, it is very much playable on SteamDeck.

Fixes & Changes:

– The building and crafting menus will now close when something is selected
– Opening and closing the inventory will no longer deselect the current weapon unless you have changed weapons
– Increased the brightness of the crosshair
– Changed the default spawn location
– Tier 1 items now spawn upon loading in
– Changed the M24 to chamber the next round automatically
– Added more details and resources to the world
– Slightly altered the size of the player hitbox
– Fixed a bug that caused footsteps to continue after movement stopped
– Fixed bug where the audio volume was not being changed
– Fixed the sickness timer not reducing
– Fixed the makeshift rifle using the wrong ammo type
– Fixed the reload animation for the bow
– Fixed the knife being usable with the makeshift rifle
– Fixed duplicate objects being created when saving and loading

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