Devblog 53

Menu changes, automatic seasonal content, zombie improvements, and more!

Winter Sale:

Happy Holidays, Z: The End is 20% off for the Steam Winter Sale.


As I mentioned in the previous devblog I was considering scrapping the monthly update schedule. After some further thought, I have decided to go through with this. This means updates won’t be as frequent but there may be more to them.

Menu Changes:

The menus have also received some changes with this update. The overall look of all of the menus has been unified. The options in the video and game settings now have better are more visible descriptions.

Seasonal Content:

A system has been implemented to automatically enable seasonal content depending on the date.

Fixes & Changes:
– Enabled logging by default
– Changed offscreen zombied to be cleared after 1 minute
– Increased max zombie limit
– Fixed bug with video settings not applying
– Fixed melee key being unchangeable

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