Devblog 52

Tooltip changes, seasonal changes, and more!

Update Schedule:

As updates have become more irregular I have decided that is time to address the schedule. I’m going to be changing the schedule a bit. Instead of releasing an update at a random time every month, updates will either be the first or last week of a month. Although I may end up scrapping this schedule and instead just updating when I feel enough progress has been made.


The tooltips system has been completely overhauled. The new systems make it much easier to add new and edit previous tooltips. The design will likely receive some changes over the course of the next few updates.

Seasonal Changes:

While it is a bit late for Halloween it is still that time of year. As such the pumpkin head zombies will roam the world again. I will probably be making a system where this is done automatically as all of the current seasonal changes are just texture differences.

Fixes & Changes:
– Minor optimizations
– Fixed overlapping issues

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