Devblog 51

A new weapon, food, menu improvements, & more!

New Items:

Makeshift Rifle:

The Makeshift Rifle is a craftable weapon that fires .357 rounds and does 15 damage. The makeshift rifle can be crafted with 5 metal and 5 wood.


Canned Spaghetti has been added. It provides 15 hunger and is a Tier 2 item.

Build/Craft Menu Update:

The Building and Crafting menu has been updated. The names of the items have changed slightly and the size of the text has been increased to improve readability.

Reducing Antivirus False Positives:

It has come to my attention recently that the game is being blocked by a handful of different antivirus software. With this update, I have made improvements to reduce this happening. Namely by removing unnecessary add-ons. Unfortunately, I am limited in what I can do about this as part of this issue is caused by the way that Fusion handles add-ons. If you experience this issue then I would recommend reporting it as a false positive and whitelisting the program.

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