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Optimizations, bug fixes, and more!

Optimizations, bug fixes, a Knife, and more!


This update comes with optimizations and improvements to the code handling the player model. The relevant code has been made about 10% faster. However, it is unlikely to impact the overall performance of the game.

This is a Knife:

The (most likely) final weapon has been implemented and it is a Knife. This works similarly to the Machete and is great for cutting up carcasses but does much less attack damage.

Controller Support:

In order to make the game more accessible and to prepare for the Steam Deck partial controller support has been implemented. This was done using the Steam Input software and has worked great in our testing.

Bye-bye Launcher:

As most launchers including ours are not very controller we have decided to simply remove it. Since the launcher’s only purpose was for selecting your DirectX version it wasn’t terribly important. The game will now use DirectX 11 by default. Should you wish to run the game in DirectX 9 mode you can simply add the parameter /D3D9 to your launch options.

Proton Compatibility:

With this update, we have done some testing on Linux(Manjaro) to ensure comparability with Proton. In our limited testing, this has worked excellently however we would like to do some larger-scale testing in the future.

Save Changes:

The saving system has received some changes. All saves are now placed in the Saves folder located where the game is installed, and the name of the save files have slightly changed. All old saves should be compatible, and should automatically be converted and moved upon starting the game.

Fixes & Changes:
– Fixed a bug where melee wouldn’t work correctly
– Fixed a bug where building wouldn’t work correctly
– Fixed a bug with model changes being delayed
– Fixed hotbar selected showing the wrong option
– Fixed GermX not reducing the cold timer
– Fixed menu buttons leading to the wrong menu
– Added the ability to back out of menus i.e video settings menu with the close key(Esc)
– Changed textures of stone build-ables, diner floor, trailer floor, and tiles
– Updated various UI elements to use the same styling



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