Devblog 20

Steam, a new weapon, graveyard, and more!


The Steam page and community hub are pretty much fully setup. The store page is currently hidden and won’t be visible until I feel its ready but it shouldn’t be too long from now.


I feel like the state of the AI needs to be addressed. Currently, it sucks, it works most of the time but it sucks. Currently, it does the job, they can follow the player, they have a short memory, and they attack the player. But there are many problems, they are very stupid, they struggle with obstacles, and they are buggy. One of the biggest bugs with them is how they can turn into “helicopters” it’s a rather strange bug where they either spawn inside of an obstacle or glitch into an obstacle. They start to spin and spaz out to escape the obstacle. The AI will be a big focus for next months update.

Attraction To Sound:

The zombies are now attracted to loud sounds, specifically gunshots. Currently, it just doubles the size of the current attraction radius for 10 seconds after a gunshot. It will likely get more in-depth in the future.


A Thompson which was also known as a Tommy Gun has been added.  Unlike the real-life version, this version uses 9mm. I may give it its own ammo type in the future but I don’t think I really wasn’t to add a million different ammo types. It a tier 2 weapon, so it will only spawn in tier 2 areas such s the military base.

Trailer Park:

Some changes have come to the trailer park this update. No texture changes as of yet but I have added two more of them.


A Graveyard has been added to the world.  Its got a dirt road going through it with a pond to the left of it. The graveyard is located near the store.

Minor Changes:

The color of the pond has changed to a less vibrant blue. The inventory texts font has been changed. The volume slider in the sound menu has been remade and now works properly.


Some loot locations have been changed as they were unobtainable. You no longer regain health when bleeding. The Function keys no longer mess with the game.

Update Changes:

The numbers associated with an update will be changing. Currently, each update has gone up by 0.0.1, now the change will be dependent on the type of update it is. This isn’t final but it will likely be something like this. X.Y.Z. X is a major update(I might reserve this for the full release). Y is a minor update. Z will be for patches.

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